House Members
Duchess Katerine FitzWilliam (known as Aikaterine)
Apprentice to Duchess Mistress Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon

09/29/2007 Countess
09/29/2007 Patent of Arms
09/29/2007 Lady of the Rose
04/08/2000 Grant of Arms
08/17/2005 Companion of the Manche
04/08/2000 Court Baroness
09/27/1997 Award of Arms
12/06/1997 Queen's Order of Courtesy
09/24/2005 Queen's Cypher (Geneviere II)
09/30/2006 Queen's Honor of Distinction (Anna II)
04/12/2008 Queen's Honor of Distinction (Gabriella)

My name is Katerine FitzWilliam, sometimes called Aikaterine (pronounced eh-kat-eh-RAY-na) in honour of my ancestor Aikaterine Lukanina, daughter of a Byzantine noble. I currently reside on the English border of Wales with my husband, Count Sir Gryffith FitzWilliam. The year is 1416.

I was born in the city of Mannheim, in the Holy Roman Empire, in the year 1397, eldest daughter of baron and his lady. My siblings include an elder brother, Charles, and younger sister, Sanne. At a young age, I was sent to court as a lady-in-waiting, where I was quickly rewarded for my service as my family gained lands and titles, and I was granted my father's former baronial estates for my own dowry. Now a Baroness in my own right, my value as a potential bride increased. Shortly thereafter I was fostered into the household ICOD, with the idea that one of the great lords would find me desirable as a wife.

Duke Gregor's squire Gryffith FitzWilliam caught my eye and I pursued him as much as a lady might without compromising herself. Luckily, my attentions did not fail to catch the young squire who had by then become a knight. We were married in 1412.

We returned to Gryffith's home in England after he was granted the title of Count, as well as estates, for his services in the Battle of Agincourt. We now live on the border between England and Wales with our beloved dogs. We continue to serve the King and Kingdom in whatever capacity we may and look forward to our further adventures.

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