House Members
Imric the Lame Squire to Earl Sir Seanan an Chasur

Long ago, before the Penumbra came to civilize us , I was a member of the Brotherhood of the Walking Dunes. We were a savage group of fighters. Indeed, we lived only to fight, and drink, and we dominated all we opposed. We made or broke the royalty of Acre, according to our whims. The shell we all wore marked us. Seanan bound us together, and gave us targets, if not purpose.

It was in those days, the dawn of days, that my first knight, Shawn, took me on - seeing that while I was indeed a savage, knowing nothing of courtesy or service, I had potential to grow beyond the simple life I revelled in.

Ah, we were poor then, and happy. I served no-one, and declared no loyalty save that to my Lord and the Brotherhood.

Little did I know that all was about to change. My knight was called away, to battle sea-monsters in the Southern Seas. Those were dark days, for me.

And yet, while I was still a savage dog, living only to fight, and drink, and revel, I stayed with my Brothers who still carried on the martial traditions of our band. We were even then growing into the mighty household that was to be known as ICOD. Seanan, as ever, was our leader - but we learned civility, and manners, and even chivalry, thanks to the efforts of the what was to become the Penumbra - those fair Ladies who showed us that there was indeed more to life than mere strength of arms. It was in those days that I learned of the joys of service, of honor, and even civility. I learned well, I think - and there was no greater joy for me than when I received my belt from Seanan and was welcomed by my Brother Phynian into a greater world even than than was ever shown to me by my first knight, Shawn.

I confess, sometimes I miss those earlier days when Gregor, Wolfgang, Phynian, Gowers, Raiden, Phelan, Shawn, Seanan and I all strode across the field of battle together, careless of of our enemies - 'tis true. Yet our Household has grown, and I have been privileged to watch as our House became far more than I dreamed possible.

Now, I serve all of the knights of ICOD, and I am proud to call all of the squires and men at arms my Brothers - a greater Brotherhood even than those I began this journey with.

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