House Members
Duke Sir Gryffith FitzWilliam Former squire to Duke Sir Gregor von Heiseler

09/29/2007 Count
08/17/2000 Knight
10/30/1993 Companion of the Tygers Combattant
08/16/1991 Companion of the Golden Alce
08/16/1991 Award of Arms
06/21/2003 Companion of the Troubadour
09/29/2007 Queen's Order of Courtesy
08/18/1994 Dragon’s Teeth (Middle) – as part of the East Kingdom Unbelted Champions
08/08/2008 Dragon's Teeth (Middle) – as part of the Eastern Rapier Army Pennsic 37

Lord Colin mac Eoain mec Lachlainn

Gryffith FitzWilliam is the youngest of five sons of a Master craftsman. Having no lands or titles to inherit, Gryffith sought his fortune by becoming a squire to a powerful Duke, Gregor von Heiseler. After many years of honor and victory on the field, he became a Knight, and after time was granted estates and the title of Count for his services in the Battle of Agincourt.

Gryffith now lives at his estate on the border between England and Wales with his fair lady Katerine and his dogs. He looks forward to serving his King and Kingdom again on the battlefield and spreading his knowledge and love of martial and bardic arts.

Martial arts
15th century English history
Board games
Bardic arts

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