House Members
Frieherr Adolphus Benner Squire to Duke Sir Gaufred Kelson von Heidelburg

09/24/2005 Grant of Arms
09/24/2005 Court Baron
10/12/2002 Award of Arms
09/29/2007 King's Cypher (Gryffith)

Freiherr Adolphus Benner lives in Rheinland - Pfaltz. He is in possession of Scloss Pfaltzgrafenstein, which sits in the Rhine River. He owns vineyards in the area and collects tolls for use of the river from passing boats. He is constantly pressed by neighboring Dukes to involve himself in their wars; The one Duke he is most seen with is Herzog Gaufred Kelson von Heidelberg. Adolphus has a good time in 14th Century Germany with his noble friends and the Emperor.

14th Century German

Being there for my Household and friends.

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