ICOD Household Guidelines

ICOD is a voluntary, democratic fellowship of friends committed to each other and engaged in modern medievalism through the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Requirements for Membership:

  1. In the SCA, we began as a fighting household and still maintain a martial core, but we welcome anyone who makes a contribution.

  1. We help each other, both in real life and medieval life. Taking ICOD members into one’s home for 6 months, helping them out financially or rescuing them at 2:00 a.m. several hours’ drive away is a real requirement--not lip service. This is unchanged since our founding and is central to who we are as a household.

  1. Because of our commitment to each other, candidates for membership must be known to existing household members before a membership vote is taken. In general, this means playing actively with us for at least six months to a year.

  1. This may be done formally, for example by becoming a man-at-arms, squire, apprentice or protégé to an ICODian. It is necessary for the sponsoring member to consult others in the household prior to establishing such a relationship. Advice will be seriously considered. Unanimous consent is not required, but a consensus of opinion is desirable. [See also 14 below.]

  2. This may also be done informally by simply hanging out and participating with us at both medieval events and modern activities.

  3. We strongly encourage those who can do so to camp with us at Pennsic, since this is a true test of compatibility within the household. [See also 15 below.]

  1. We recognize that candidates may have other formal allegiances or fealty obligations in the medieval world. Candidates must honestly assess their priorities and participation level. Such commitments outside the household will be reviewed and discussed thoroughly in considering any candidate for membership, in order to avoid conflicting loyalties.

  1. Spouses and live-in Significant Others automatically have the rights of membership. They also have the option not to play. They may request individual membership in their own right, which then is subject to household vote. If approved, this means they are still members, even if the original relationship ends.

Membership Voting Process:

  1. Advance notice to the household is necessary for any membership vote to be taken at an upcoming household meeting. This period should be at least a month in length -- and longer if possible--to enable members to seek out the candidate with any questions or concerns. Contact information for the candidates and a list of their upcoming events should also be provided.

  1. The candidate cannot be in attendance at the meeting during the membership discussion, in order to promote honest dialog between members.

  1. Approval must be unanimous, no exceptions. If any existing member has a strong personal objection, the candidate is not invited to join.

  1. General lack of knowledge of a candidate does not constitute a strong personal objection. It is incumbent upon existing members to become acquainted with the candidate or to abstain.

  2. In the event of an objection being raised, the vote may be tabled for a time, to enable the situation to be resolved. Rescheduling the vote again requires advance notice as before.

  3. Lack of membership approval does not require candidates to end their relationship with the household or prevent them from reapplying for membership at a later date.

  1. New members will be notified as soon as possible upon conclusion of the vote. Household members will agree on the date and time for induction of the new member, who will be presented with a household favor or some other token in the household colors of black and gold.


  1. Real life takes priority and we all understand this.

  1. The household is a democracy and all matters of importance are subject to vote at a previously announced household meeting. Each (adult) household member gets one vote. A majority vote by those in attendance rules. We do not take proxies at meetings; if you do not attend, you cannot vote. Customarily, we meet at least twice a year, in the spring and at Pennsic.

  1. Each (adult) member contributes dues to the household Community Chest, if able to do so. Back dues are not assessed to inactive members. Donations for special projects are always welcome.

  1. Inactive members may be referred to as ICOD Emeritus, but there is no loss of privilege associated with this designation. They may reactivate themselves at any time by attending household events or meetings, and we’ll all do the happy dance to have them back.

  1. An intention to join the household is not necessary for other folks to play or camp with us, nor is it necessary for students wishing to work with ICODians, whether formally or informally.

  1. Any ICODian may invite friends or family members to camp with us at Pennsic for the first time. Subsequent years require a return invitation by vote of the household members who attended the War.

  1. Internally, ICOD does not stand on SCA rank/precedence. Men at Arms, Squires, Knights, Laurels, Pelicans, Masters, Earls, Dukes, Kings & Queens do dishes and all have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities within the household. The household’s Steering Committee consists of Jovonne & Gregor, as the most senior active members. Household finances are currently handled by Gryffith.

  1. The household maintains an email list at HouseICOD@yahoogroups.com . All members are encouraged to join the list and monitor it regularly, since this is the easiest form of contact for many of us. The primary function of the list is the dissemination of information such as attendance at upcoming events, invitations to group functions, meeting minutes, etc. Members are responsible to pass along information to their associated non-members where necessary. The list is not intended as a forum for the debate of personal opinion; we prefer that such discussions take place directly between individuals by telephone or in person to prevent misunderstandings.

  1. Upon induction, new members are encouraged to create their own meaning for the household initials I.C.O.D. ;-)

JVP 3/28/11 –Approved at the Spring Meeting 2011